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Elevate your experience in the NFT World through Web3 implementation.



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The new era of collectibles and trading cards has come where authentic physical cards are bound to scannable and verifiable NFTs.

Scan NFT Card

Scan NFT Card

NFTCARD® allows card collectors to scan NFC trading card to inspect and claim the contained NFT, which exists as a proof of authenticity.

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Mint NFT

Mint NFT

NFTCARD® will start to mint an NFT once an inactivated card is scanned, and register the NFT to the address of the scanner.

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NFT Explorer

NFT Explorer

NFTCARD® allows relevant NFTs, addresses and transaction Tx links to be searched directly as a dedicated NFT Explorer.

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scan nft

Unpack & Scan

Inactivated cards normally come as a bundle, allowing users to activate through NFC scan steps which initiate the NFT minting process.

Mint nft

Mint NFT Instantly

The process of minting NFT requires NO gas fee!

connect to web3

Connect to Web3

Connect your wallet to NFTCARD® Web3 App

NFC Scan

Scan Physical Card

Tap the NFC card onto the back of your device

mint nft

Mint NFT (ERC-4907)

NFTCARD® will mint an NFT that corresponds to your physical card.

register nft

Register NFT

Register the NFT with your wallet address to complete the process

nft explorer

Search NFT & More

Find an NFT, address, or transaction Tx

Where to start

Web3 Connect

Link to physical cards

NFC Feature


Create NFT

Address, NFT, Tx

Search NFT

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Open Platform

Accessible from anywhere, on any devices


New ERC Standard

An advanced version of ERC-721 in terms of NFT


To Mint NFT

It only takes a few seconds to mint a brand new NFT.


Amplify market value of collectibles and trading cards with NFT, a trendy digital part.
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